Super Buoyant Soft Plastic Baits

AirBaits® LLC

We started AirBaits LLC with one thing in mind “Passion.”  Everything we do and have done here at AirBaits LLC since our start, has been about “Passion.”  We believe that “Passion” for the sport of Fishing gave us the push we needed to create this new material.  Our new formula creates some of the most unique acting baits ever brought to market.  Our new innovative technology, that consist of proprietary material and a proprietary process, gives us the advantage and the confidence we need to produce the soft plastic baits we make.  Each lure design has a specific use for the buoyancy it exhibits.  Each lure was specifically design, material and all, to have certain actions when rigged a certain way.   Our new material is super soft, super strong, hyper buoyant, very durable, easy to dye, and infused with Anise/Garlic scent.  All AirBaits® LLC’s products are made in the U.S.A.  Give our ”Baits with Precision” a try and hopefully you will feel the ”Passion” we put into making these new to the world baits.  Thank you and we hope you catch many fish for years to come...

Derrick Holmes


Indianapolis, Indiana